Home Deposit Bond


Providing New Home Warranty Coverage in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Offering builders and developers construction insurance for all types of development.

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Utilizing a Deposit Insurance facility program will reduce a developer’s construction costs.

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Assisting developers in getting their pre-sale requirement on multi family projects.

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Home Deposit Bond

Home Deposit Bonds ignite a developer’s pre-sales by helping purchasers with the minimum deposit requirements. The purchaser is usually responsible for 50% of the required deposit and through a Home Deposit Bond, our underwriter RSA guarantees the other 50%.

For a developer, the quicker you can meet your pre-sale requirement for the bank, the quicker you can get financing to start construction. The Home Deposit Bond is held by the developer as security until the homeowner closes on the unit.

From a purchaser’s perspective, the Home Deposit Bond can help alleviate some of the financial burden of having to liquidate savings and/or investments by allowing the purchaser to defer a portion of their deposit to the closing date of a sale.

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